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THE BEST OF "9/11 ACCOUNTABILITY: STRATEGIES AND SOLUTIONS CONFERENCE" 14 hours of DVD-video from Arizona!  7 DVDs with the complete presentations of two dozen speakers. These are highest quality, live mix, full resolution DVDs, with titles and credits. 
Only sold as a set. 7 DVDs for $35
AZ1 “Be the Media” Meria Heller 53:59 Jack Blood 58:56
AZ2 “The Psychological Implications of 9/11” Ken Jenkins & Janette MacKinlay 55:48
"9/11, Iraq, and Accountability" Dr. Bob Bowman 54:36
AZ3 “When you've got Uncle Sam on the canvas” Ernie Hancock. 45:17
“Iraq Veterans Against War” Dennis Kyne, Darrell Anderson, Alfons Olszewski. 1:12:53
AZ4 “Truth, Justice, Peace” Steven Jones 1:24:55
“9/11 Truth, The Global Dominance Group and Impeachment” Peter Phillips 30:01
AZ5 “9/11 Truth Squads - A Strategy for 2007” Webster Tarpley 1:58:22
AZ6 Peter Dale Scott (54:41), Dr. Tom Tvedten (18:46), 
Kevin Barrett (9:10), Phil Berg (39:45) 2:02:22
AZ7 “Be the Media” hummux, Meria Heller, Don Harkin, 
Jack Blood, Ian Woods, Lynn Pentz 59:49
“Grassroots Organizing” Carol Brouillet, Les Jamieson, Gary Franchi, Gabriel Day, Jon Gold, Mia Hamel 1:25:48

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