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TRUTHS WITH CONSEQUENCE: A collaborative gathering of media veterans, scholars, activists & whistleblowers to assess and marshal our most powerful messages to rectify history, awaken a critical mass, and effectively expose the accelerating corporate coup d'état.
TWC-1 Opening Plenary 1/26/8 1:50:36
Peter Phillips, David Kubiak, Cindy Sheehan, Peter Dale Scott, David Lindorff, David Ray Griffin, David Cobb, Kristina Borjesson, Toni Whitman, Danny Schecter, Barbara Trent
TWC-2 Messaging Theme 1/26/8 1:40:57
Kristina Borjesson, David Altheide, Marc Pilisuk, David Cobb, Bruce Budner, Gerard Colby, Michael Nagler
TWC-3 Fitrakis & McKinney 1/27/8 1:24:36
Bob Fitrakis, Cynthia McKinney
B-roll 1/26/8 10:09
TWC-4 Action Reports & Closing 1/27/8 1:05:00
Marc Tognotti, David Kubiak, Peter Phillips, Mickey Huff, Andrew Hobbs, Kenoli Oleari
Entertainment 1/25/8 58:39
Khalil Bendib
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